Best catches 2015-'16

Biggest zed 2015/16: 95,5 centimeters!

A trip to the Elbe in Hamburg brought a nice 88 cm fatty in the boat!

Double hookup for Mees: 83 en 86 cm!

Nice one! 84 cm

Geust Rob with a 89,5 cm beauty!

Fat 89 cm river Lek-zander

Client Wouter with 70 cm

The very first fat zander in season for mees measured 87 cm

Charly's first 'kneiter': 85 cm

Sanders' Big One; 98,5 cm! Not even his Personal Best... 'MeterSander' is his nickname!

Bart caught two biggies in one day; 78 cm

Bart 83 cm

… and 83 cm!

Pikey 111 cm

79 cm on deadbait under a float

88 cm on a very difficult day

PB perch for Mees; close to 50 cm

Thin 86 cm summerzander

81 cm

Mees with a 78 cm, caught on a float