Nice moments & catches!

Season 2014-2015 and older

Magical moments appear before sunrise

Bert with a fatty

Regular guest Sander with 92 cm

Son Bart with his Personal Best: 94 cm

Biggest zander 2013: 95 cm!

Mees with 75 cm

Guest Fred landed a fine 83 cm zander

Guest Bas holds a nice one

Darkbrown colored 79 cm zander from very clear water

Nice meterpike for Mees

Red sunrise; zander is on the move!

The ultimate catch of 2014: 101 cm. Beautiful new PB!

PB for Mees; 89 cm

Good focus is half the job

83 cm

79,5 cm

78 cm

86,5 cm

75,5 cm

The webmaster joins us once in a while, 86 cm

Nice 110 cm pike from the river Lek

Once in a while we catch asp

You'll see this when you go with us!

Sander with 75 cm

84 cm

Orginal 'two-toner' caught in the Amsterdam IJ

Nibble! It’s always a surprise what you will pull up!

A real 87 cm fatty from the river!

76 cm

78 cm

Beautiful fish!

Big mouth!