Most common used technique is vertical fishing with softbaits. Other techniques we like to practice are dropshotting, fishing with a fireball or drifting with deadbaitrigs. Deadbait fishing on an anchored boat with floats is also possible. We always fish by the Catch & Release principal which means we threat all fish with respect and release it back to where it came from as soon as possible !

The boat

The brand of our boat is an aluminuim made Sylvan, type 1500 Explorer equipped with a 40bhp, 4-stroke Yamaha outboard motor. It's suitable to take two persons who can both sit on comfortable chairs where rods are within reach from rodholders. The Sylvan is also equipped with electric front- and backtrolling motors to keep control in any circumstances. Underwater bumps, holes and interesting bottom structures are found by modern Humminbird and Lowrance sonar/GPS devices with color screens. 


In some smaller watersytems in The Netherlands it is prohibited to go by outboard engine. In this case we can still go out with our other, smaller fishing boat. It's a 4 meter aluminium made OMC equipped with an electro motor only..

Gear, food & drinks

For all guests we provide the necessary gear. This includes rods, reels, lures and softbaits. Deadbait is available mostly throughout the year! Please tell us in advance if you like to have lunch to go with thea or coffee. 


Where do we go?

The main focus is on the following watersystems: The Amstel, IJ, North Sea Canal, Molenplas, Mooie Nel, Gooimeer, Nieuwe Meer & Ouderkerkerplas. When you prefer other waters, Hollands Diep or Haringvliet are great alternatives but the rivers Lek and Waal are among King Charlys' favourits.


When do we go?

Location and time are up to you to decide! Of course there might be some exceptions but King Charly is available every day of the week: 24/7! The length of your trip depends on how active predators are hunting and your very own wishes! It is no problem at all to start very early or to stay a few hours more



King Charly's guiding USP's

// No time limits during a day trip  //  Didn't catch anything? We'll take you again for free! 

 //  Fishing the best watersystems in The Netherlands  //  Maximum of 2 persons

 //  A great experience guaranteed!  //  Fishing with a recognized big fish-King!