Rates and Licence

Prices per day:

1 person costs € 125.-, 2 persons € 180.- (€ 90.- p.p.)

We have special rates for children under the age of 16 and when time is limited, fishing for half a day is is possible. Please contact us with your special requests. If you prefer a daytrip along the rivers (or further away from Amsterdam) an extra fuel fee will be charged per kilometer.


You need a valid fishing permit (named 'Vispas') to fish in the Dutch waters.
No worries if you have none, you can easily > order your Vispas here






Recognized King of Kneiter!

Not taken to serious, King Charly is fishing under auspices of the well-known dutch Kneiterlijst. 'Kneiter' means 'Big Fish' and therefore 'The Kneiterlijst' is a 'Big Zander'-list. All zanders caught and measured up from 75 cm (29,5") are registered with name, number and photo's! Charly is a recognized 'King of Kneiter' and honored member in the order of the infamous Kings of Kneiter!

In this friendly and not-official competition King Charly has won 'The Silver Star' for the third time in a row (for catching most 'Kneiters' in one season). Quite an achievement!

This means you'll have the opportunity to go fishing with a real King of Kneiter!

King Charly is allways up-to-date with most recent catch reports from his fishermens' network. See www.kneiterlijst.nl for all the listed catches of Charles, and other participating Kneiterjunkies!

King Charly's guiding USP's

// No time limits during a day trip  //  Didn't catch anything? We'll take you again for free! 

 //  Fishing the best watersystems in The Netherlands  //  Maximum of 2 persons

 //  A great experience guaranteed!  //  Fishing with a recognized big fish-King!